middle & high school classes

Rape Prevention Educators conduct 10-week classes which facilitate a cultural shift from the accepted norms that perpetuate gender based violence towards behaviors that prevent sexual violence in the middle and high school settings.

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Colleges & Universities

The Oklahoma Rape Prevention Program collaborates with local college campuses to provide comprehensive prevention programs and protection of student's Title IX rights.

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Community Engagement

Rape prevention work at the community level includes changes to policies, institutional structures, or the social and physical environment in an effort to reduce risk characteristics and increase protective factors that affect the entire community.

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The CDC describes primary prevention as stopping violence before it begins. Primary prevention is the cornerstone of the Rape Prevention Education (RPE) program, and activities are guided by a set of principles that include:

  • Preventing first-time occurrence of sexual violence
  • Reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors linked to sexual violence perpetration and victimization
  • Using the best available evidence when planning, implementing, and evaluation prevention programs
  • Incorporating behavior and social change theories into prevention programs so that behavior patterns, cultural values, and norms contributing to sexual violence will change over time
  • Analyzing state and community data, such as health and safety data, to inform program decisions and monitor trends; and
  • Evaluating prevention efforts and using the results to improve future program plans

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