YWCA OKC: Rachele Eskridge

Rachele Eskridge is the Prevention Education Coordinator for the YWCA in Oklahoma City. She teaches students how to develop healthy relationships, recognize abusive ones and get help if they find themselves in abusive relationships. She also works with parents, teachers, and administrators to recognize the red flags of abuse in teens as well as how to create open communication prior to dating in order to prevent dating violence. If you are interested in learning more about her services contact the YWCA at 405-948-1770.



Community Crisis Center: Cyndy Keys

Cyndy Keys is the Rape and Violence Prevention Education for Community Crisis Center located in Miami, Oklahoma. She is a Native Alaskan and as a Native American she is all too aware of the violence against women. Cyndy has dedicated her life to making societal change for this population, and all members of the tribal nations in Northeast Oklahoma. She can be reached at cyndy@getmeout.org.



DVIS: Domestic Violence Intervention Services: Sam Wade

Samantha Wade is Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator with DVIS. As a member of the Rape Prevention Education initiative, Wade works in collaboration with coalitions, school administrations, educators, and student to implement the CDC's sexual violence prevention best practices including: promoting social norms that protect against violence; teaching skills to prevent sexual violence; providing opportunities, both economic and social, to empower and support girls and women; creating protective environments; and supporting victims and survivors to lessen harm. For more information you can contact Samantha at 918-585-3163.



Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services: Hannah DiPasquale

Hannah DiPasquale is the Prevention Program Coordinator of Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services, which serves five counties in the Stillwater area. She focuses on breaking the cycle of violence through meaningful dialogue with youth and young adults about healthy relationship skills, signs of dating violence, sexual violence prevention, and being an active bystander. She has facilitated presentations in health classes, FACS classes, and other middle school and high schools in the Stillwater, Cushing, and Perry area. She also partners with church youth groups and clubs, as well as with Oklahoma State University and Langston University to implement sexual violence prevention on their campuses. Hannah can be reached at 405-372-9922.



Women's Resource Center: Elizabeth Suddath

The Women's Resource Center's RPE programs are designed to provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent dating violence and ensure healthy relationships in their own lives and communities. The WRC offers single and multiple session curricula on a variety of topics including healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent, and bystander intervention. All WRC programs are evidence-based, interactive, and free for groups of all ages in Cleveland County. Contact Elizabeth Suddath at esuddath@wrcweb.net or by calling 405-364-9424.