Sexual Assault Awareness Month April 26th, 2017 #HonorDenimDayOK

What is Denim day?

The Honor Denim Day symposium began with the Supreme Court case ,"The Jean's Alibi", which took place in Italy in 1992 when an 18 year old girl was violently raped by her driving instructor on an isolated road. When she disclosed the assault to her parents charges were pressed immediately. While the instructor was initially found guilty of indecent exposure, that sentence was appealed and resulted in a conviction on all charges. The perpetrator appealed his sentence, and after being picked up by the Italian Supreme Court it was eventually overturned. Their reasoning behind the ruling was that because the girl had been wearing "extremely tight skinny jeans" she would have had to sit there while the man removed them or removed them herself, thus alluding to an impossibility of sexual assault occurring. Hours after the ruling, women of the Italian Parliament launched a protest in outrage and support by wearing jeans to work. The protest caught the eye of the California State Senate, and in 1990, the first Los Angeles Denim Day protest was born.

Who can participate?

First responders of sexual assault as well as on-campus partners and preventionists throughout Oklahoma are encouraged to join our statewide initiative for SAAM 2017. The symposium will feature jeans decorated by community partners who join their local Denim Day host in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The goal is to promote awareness and to be a catalyst for conversation around the societal and cultural contexts that promote, condone, and tolerate rape culture.

denim day in oklahoma

Michelle Stansel of the University of Central Oklahoma and her Project SPEAK educators are spearheading Honor Denim Day 2017 in hopes that crisis centers and campuses around the state will host their own Denim Day Symposiums. We ask that everyone use the hashtag #HonorDenimDayOK so we can track just how large our statewide presence is.

SAAM Activities 2017

Thinking about hosting your own symposium?

If you are interested in having your own Honor Denim Day Symposium for SAAM 2017 take a look at the toolkit created by Michelle Stansel and her Project SPEAK educators to get started!